Green energy solutions are appearing all over the country, and in the sunny southwest a popular option is solar power. If you are looking to succeed in the Southwestern US job market, you should consider learning how to install and maintain these solar reflector panels. This is where Refrigeration School, Inc. comes in.

RSI Teaches Solar Technology

The Refrigeration School, Inc (RSI) has offered HVAC/R training in Phoenix since 1965 and we have watched clean energy become one of the fastest growing industries in the Southwest. In a study conducted between 1998 and 2007, the PEW Environment Group revealed that the demand for ‘green collar’ professionals is growing, and Arizona is ranked the ninth in the nation for renewable resource job opportunities. To help HVAC/R technicians and students take advantage of this trend, RSI is now incorporating solar technology training into our courses. This training adds value to our courses involving refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electrical wiring and also helps increase professional marketability of our graduates.

Solar Power Course Objectives

Participants in the RSI Solar Technology Program will acquire the entry level knowledge and skills necessary to install and service photovoltaic (PV) systems and configure the grids to transmit power safely for residential and commercial customers.

Specific course objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of sites for solar capability
  • Determining proper PV equipment required for site
  • Installation of PV systems that meet all building codes
  • Management skills for customer service, quality control, scheduling and performance expectations
  • Proper testing and inspection procedures for installed PV systems
  • Evaluation and troubleshooting techniques

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