Homeowners and business owners in Gilbert and Mesa should be aware of the importance of their HVAC equipment’s mechanical maintenance. A building’s HVAC system includes all equipment that provides the building’s heating, cooling and ventilation. Furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, duct-work, filters, thermostats and all related parts for these appliances require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly and to help them have longevity.

A Career in Mechanical Maintenance Requires Proper Training

HVAC equipment is very complex, so much so that it is not very wise for an untrained individual to even begin to attempt repairs beyond replacing filters. There are substances and toxins that can be accidentally released by the uneducated person tinkering with the equipment. Attending courses at the Refrigeration School, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona, can teach you how to handle these complicated electro-mechanical repairs. After graduation, you can start a career as qualified service technician and perform regularly scheduled mechanical maintenance on HVAC equipment.

HVAC service technicians who are qualified to do mechanical maintenance have received in-depth technical training. Because of this, they are the only ones who should be allowed to work on this type of equipment. During your time at RSI you will receive hands-on training which helps prepare you to work in the situations you can encounter after graduation. While attending one of RSI’s programs you can learn how to work on boilers, forced air heating, fuel oil and propane furnaces, as well as many other common components of HVAC systems.

Receiving mechanical maintenance training at RSI is important because having regular mechanical maintenance helps to avoid emergency situations and expensive repair bills. The most important thing to remember is that this type of equipment can create hazardous or even life threatening conditions for humans. You may remember hearing about “sick buildings”. There are various malfunctions that a HVAC system can have which can lead to unhealthy conditions in a building. For example, venting of furnace fumes must be done correctly to avoid fatal buildups of CO gases. An annual check-up can catch things like a cracked heat exchanger before it becomes life threatening.

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