When looking at the benefits of working as an HVAC technician instead of an over the road truck driver, there are many. For instance, if you’re working as a regional driver or an interstate driver you have to spend much of your time away from family and home because of work. Being away from home can be a cause of stress, which only gets worse if an emergency comes up at home. Working in HVAC could have you traveling around your local area, but you wouldn’t have to worry about spending nights in your truck cab or hotel rooms because of work on a normal basis.

The Toll on Truck Drivers

Physically, it can be very stressful to be a truck driver. You spend the majority of your time in the truck cab, which generally aren’t the most comfortable or healthy environments. You can get out and stretch your legs, but you can generally do this when on break. Additionally, constantly being on the road can lead to extended periods of unhealthy eating. For those working in HVAC jobs, though they will spend times in attics and basements, are generally allowed more freedom of movement, and can enjoy a home-cooked meal more often.

Another benefit of working as an HVAC technician instead of a truck driver is that it can provide more social contact. Truck drivers spend the majority of their time alone in their truck, or driving with their partner driver. The open road can be very lonely, and being away from home frequently can make it tricky to have stable relationships.

Consider Changing Careers and Attending Refrigeration School Inc.

Overall, there are many advantages to considering a career change to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning technician. If you’re interested in leaving your big rig behind and starting a new career, contact The Refrigeration School today! Before you know it you’ll have graduated and you can start work as a HVAC technician as short as 8 months.

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