Restaurants depend upon skilled refrigeration and HVAC maintenance specialists for assistance in providing safe food to their customers. The Refrigeration School, Inc. will provide you with foundation- and advanced-level knowledge of refrigeration technologies and electro-mechanical principles directly related to food industry needs. Diners, fast-food restaurants, and family restaurants all require trained personnel to maintain their refrigeration equipment so that food can be prepared quickly and stored effectively. You can learn these electro-mechanical and refrigeration repair skills by taking classes at RSI in Phoenix, Arizona.

The most demanding setting for refrigeration equipment is fast-food restaurants. Turnaround time is rapid, and large amounts of food are being stored, cooked, and eaten. The equipment needs to be designed for easy accessibility and maintained appropriately for the specific perishables it will contain. For best quality, meats and vegetables need to be stored at different temperatures. Because chilled contents are accessed so frequently, it is also important for each refrigerator to keep appropriate temperature and humidity, even as the door is repeatedly opened. Correct cooling environments preserve food quality for longer periods of time.

Failed refrigeration equipment can mean losses of time and money for the company. Food can spoil, customers’ demands might not be met, and staff might be let go because of net income losses. Maintaining refrigeration equipment is essential for running a productive fast-food business.

How does a trained professional make a difference in servicing refrigeration equipment?

  • Maximizes the efficiency of the refrigerator
  • Ensures that the food retains its condition longer
  • Makes the equipment last longer
  • Avoids subsequently expensive repairs over the long term

In tighter economic conditions, people might prefer to save or invest money, and might cut back on extraneous expenditures such as restaurant meals. However, there are still a significant number of people watching the Food Network and hungering for the food prepared on the shows; there are also people who are too busy to cook most days. People want to save money, but still enjoy going out to eat. Fast food restaurants satisfy these desires for many people.

Phoenix is a prime location for food industry-based refrigeration maintenance careers

Phoenix, AZ is a unique American city. After a few years of rapid population growth, a Feb. 2008 Arizona Republic article predicted “the economy may be in the doldrums, but Phoenix still remains an attractive place for companies to relocate.” The number of businesses opening in Phoenix in recent months remains consistent, though this has not been true in some other areas of the country.

By enrolling in vocational training at The Refrigeration School, Inc., you will prepare yourself for a flourishing career in a prosperous location. Check out our Refrigeration Technologies training programs for more information.

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