Are you looking for a career that will provide you with the opportunity to work with your hands and solve problems? If so, consider training through The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, Arizona. RSI provides training in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC, also called HVAC/R) and can be completed in just six and a half months. In this amount of time, you can learn the various technologies used in HVAC/R.

The Program Objectives

The objective of the HVAC/R vocational training programs at RSI is to train students in relevant technologies related to heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration. You will learn how to diagnose and repair various issues related to heating and cooling systems. Whether it’s the fundamentals of refrigeration or trouble shooting for specific problems, you will be instructed on how to provide service in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. As a student at RSI, you will be required to display an understanding of a theoretical and actual industry-based course outline.

The Benefits of HVAC/R Training

The Refrigeration School, Inc. provides students with hands-on education in addition to classroom training. This opportunity to work with actual tools and machinery is a key component of a successful HVAC training program. Students will be required to prove competency in each course of training before they complete the program. At the end of six months, successful students will understand the principles of electro-mechanical technology and will have had experience diagnosing, servicing and fixing common HVAC/R problems.

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HVAC/R training programs can take 9 months, 12 months or more, but RSI understands your desire to put your skills to work quickly. There is no need to spend countless hours relearning what you have already been taught. Within half a year, you will be trained and on your way to a new career path.

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