Refrigeration School, Inc is always working to update our coursework and make sure our graduates have the chance to graduate with an education that has them understanding recent industry developments. Because of this, RSI has added the fundamentals of solar theory and photovoltaic (PV) science to their courses.

What is Photovoltaic Science?

PV science is how sunlight gets turned into electricity. Understanding how these PV systems work is a great way to increase your marketability in today’s HVAC markets.

How is PV Science Taught in RSI Programs?

Before you get into the different PV equipment and set-ups, RSI’s courses explain the fundamentals of PV science and the applications of solar energy in home and commercial settings. After you gain an understanding of these core concepts you can learn about specific components and their construction.

Once you start getting more in-depth with your PV education RSI courses involve topics like the analysis of electrical loads and power capabilities of PV equipment. Learning and understanding these concepts helps technicians understand what PV equipment is needed as well as what can be expected from the PV systems.

The culmination of the PV education offered at RSI is leaning how to assemble and install PV arrays. Once these systems are set up and wired into the electrical system of a building they can start contributing to the electrical system of the building and start driving down energy costs.

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If you’re interested in getting an HVAC education that comes with explanations of PV systems, RSI has just what you’re looking for. Becoming a HVAC technician is a great career choice, and learning about PV systems and solar power makes it that much easier to market yourself.

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