As the prime guarantor of success in the renewable energy field, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners offers a number of certification programs to empower future professionals with the authority that they need to excel in their career. NABCEP’s professionally established standards of safety and job quality are incorporated into every part of their certification exam to ensure that consumers and employers alike can have confidence in NABCEP program graduates.

How to Apply for the NABCEP Exam

When applying for the NABCEP exam, visit for a concise step-by-step guide of each part of the process. They will instruct you to first read the “Candidate Information Handbook for Paper and Pencil Exams” and the “How to Successfully Complete a NABCEP PV Installer Application” sheet. Both of these documents are available on the site. Then, after reading the definitions of each entry program and selecting the most appropriate one, you are ready to complete the application form, which is available online for an expedited application process. Make sure that you have all relevant documentation such as vocational certification, references, and other documents that NABCEP will list. Then, submit the application.

Why Take the NABCEP Exam?

The purpose of the NABCEP exam is to ensure that all participants of the certification program have a thorough understanding of the learning objectives presented in the PV or photovoltaic certification program. These objectives, established by a panel of PV experts, include such points as safety basics, electrician training and solar energy basics, and all other nuances of PV installation. The exam is administered by the course provider at a previously disclosed location and then sent back to the test provider for grading.


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