Advanced Pipe Welding

WLD 120

125 Contact Hours
25 Lecture Hours
100 Lab Hours
4.0 Credit Hours

Students continue to develop, apply, and practice their pipe welding skills. Mild steel pipe is welded in various positions using primarily GTAW (TIG) welding processes. In addition students learn to use stainless steel electrodes to weld high carbon steel. Using two inch diameter pipe, students practice using the GTAW process to weld the root and complete the fill and cap portion of the weld using SMAW processes.

They also learn to properly rig and balance pipe loads, use hand signal communication to the crane operator, and lift and place pipe in preparation for welding operations. Most pipe welding is performed in an open environment using various types of portable welding equipment. Students learn to setup and safely operate portable welding units for structural and pipe welding operations. Emphasis is given to awareness about electrical safety and steps necessary to prevent electrical shock.