Advanced Pipe Welding

WLD 120

125 Contact Hours
25 Lecture Hours
100 Lab Hours
4.0 Credit Hours

Students refine their GTAW skills for pipe welding applications in our Advanced Pipe Welding class. They’re also introduced to the equipment, practices, and safety procedures they would typically encounter on structural and pipe welding job sites. Lastly, students prepare for how to present themselves for employment opportunities.

  • Learn the operations necessary for weld test procedures, portable equipment set up, and testing techniques.
  • Use GTAW to weld mild steel pipe in multiple positions.
  • Weld high carbon steel with stainless steel electrodes.
  • Execute 2G, 5G, and 6G with TIG stringer.
  • Weld the root on 2-inch pipe using GTAW and complete the cap and fill with SMAW.
  • Learn hand signals to communicate with crane operators and how to lift pipe into place for welding.
  • Electrical safety training.
  • Instruction in resume preparation, job interview appearance, and job attitude.

Industry Applications

  • Pipeline Welding
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Transportation: Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive
  • Military