Predictive Maintenance and Piping Systems

MME 215

50 Contact Hours
50 Lecture Hours
0 Lab Hours
2.0 Credit Hours

This course covers why and how compressors fail, how to detect the cause of compressor failures and how to prevent repeat compressor failures. Commercial serviceable hermetic reciprocating compressors are covered, as well as Rotary and Scroll compressor operation and servicing. Also covered are maintenance of reciprocating, rotary and centrifugal air compressors and compressed air systems.

This course also covers types of distribution systems, materials and accessories found in water refrigeration systems. Also covered are concepts including evaluation of expressions, order of operations, symbols of inclusion, power exponents, proportions and computation of surface area uses applied to liquid piping operations. Included are: calculations and methods to determine pressure drops and pipe friction in water and refrigeration lines; techniques and methods to calculate the sizes of suction, discharge and liquid line of single and multiple piping systems in HVAC equipment and water lines; and methods and procedures to size water pumps and calculate pump head.