Structural Welding

WLD 110

125 Contact Hours
25 Lecture Hours
100 Lab Hours
4.0 Credit Hours

This course essentially focuses on developing flat welding techniques in three basic positions and builds on the fundamental knowledge and skills learned in WLD101. SMAW processes are used to practice weld technique and perform basic butt welds using mild steel. Two primary welding electrodes are applied to various welding exercises and students learn fundamental procedures related to root pass and fill welds. Students continue to build their skills through a series of project exercises designed to reinforce skills and knowledge learned.

Students expand their knowledge about related welding diagrams and drawings and methods of coding various types of metal. Drawings are used to communicate lab project information and reinforce reading and interpreting welding symbols. Students are also introduced to basic destructive weld testing techniques and the importance quality welds to achieve maximum strength and integrity of the metal. Basic principles of metallurgy explain to students the changes in metals internal structure during the heating and cooling processes.

Students are also introduced to welding pipe. The challenge is to weld consistently while moving around the pipe. Five inch diameter pipe is cut using thermal processes and prepared for welding. For the exercise, students weld pipe in only one basic position.

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