Welding Fundamentals

WLD 101

125 Contact Hours
25 Lecture Hours
100 Lab Hours
4.0 Credit Hours

Wherever you plan to work in the industry, you’ll need a strong grasp of welding basics, proper equipment set up, and safety practices. In our Welding Fundamentals course, students learn these essentials and one of the most versatile and widely used welding processes, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).3 In SMAW, a consumable electrode stick conducts the electric arc to the work. As the arc melts the electrode away, it becomes part of the weld. The flux covering the electrode simultaneously melts away, forming a gaseous cloud that protects the weld from environmental damage.

  • Review basic welding and safety concepts.
  • Study welding symbols.
  • Perform basic stick welding techniques on plate.
  • Weld overlapping beads.
  • Prepare metal plate and apply thermal cutting processes.
  • Learn about the main welding processes, welding machine components, and electrodes.
  • Use welding codes and blueprints to calculate project dimensions and complete layouts.
  • Properly set up welding equipment.
  • Start welding overhead.
  • Demonstrate plasma and carbon arc cutting processes.
  • Execute fillet welds in the 2F, 3F, and 4F positions.
  • Practice basic SMAW techniques.
  • Explore career possibilities in the welding industry.