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Need to Move? Here Are Helpful Resources for Out-of-State HVAC Students

student moving boxes

Moving to a new place is scary, no matter how much closer it bring you to landing that dream job of yours.

You’re on your way to becoming a qualified HVAC pro that employers really, really want! But you’re also human, which means you’re uncertain of new challenges—challenges that might not even have to do with your HVAC training.

If you’re an out-of-state student at RSI, having a list of all your available resources will make your attendance at our Phoenix campus much smoother. Don’t be caught off-guard or without help while pursuing your future employment in HVAC/R.

RSI Resources

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Finding a place to live?

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Finding a job to pay for things while you focus on school?

We get it. We’re fortunate to have students from all over the country attend RSI in Arizona, so we want to make sure that they have the resources they need to make their move worthwhile and less complicated.

These will probably come in handy:

  • Financial aid options are available for eligible students.
  • Military members and dependents can qualify for special tuition pricing and other financial assistance, such as GI Bill and MyCAA programs.
  • RSI has partnered with EDUrent to provide students with housing assistance. This not only helps you find a rental or roommates, but it can also help you raise money to pay for your housing.
  • Career Services help you find a job after graduation. If you’re coming from a state that requires special licensure or ongoing professional development, the Career Services team can help you identify what state body oversees certification compliance. They also help you prepare your resume, hone your interview skills and look for jobs online or in the area where you want to work.

Other Local/State Resources

arizona resources

Attending an out-of-state trade school might mean higher expenses, so out-of-state students should look into what they can do to keep their costs low, from finding affordable housing to using public transportation.

You should also familiarize yourself with the state’s tax and ID requirements to avoid unnecessary fees and penalties.

  • Out-of-state students who are relocating to the Phoenix area can also sign up with free services like Apartment Selector. Apartment Selector helps students search for apartments based on budget, geographic preferences and proximity to campus. You can even request assistance finding roommates.
  • If you need assistance finding family support, childcare services or part-time work, the Arizona Department of Economic Security has you covered with the information you need to know.
  • Public transportation in and around Maricopa County can help you get around on a limited budget.
  • Check with the Arizona Department of Revenue to see if you need to file an individual tax return.
  • The Arizona Department of Transportation website can tell you whether you’ll need to register your vehicle and apply for an Arizona driver’s license.

Pursuing the career of your dreams is exciting, but moving to another state is daunting. The transition doesn’t need to be as painful as possible. We suggest bookmarking these links to find them later without much hassle.

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