Best choice ever great instructors. And best hands on experience.

10 months it took me to complete the RT program. I went to RSI for 3 reasons. First reason is because I was not getting taught enough by others cause they new so little. Second is because i wanted to learn more about ACs and refrigeration how they work and operated I had a desire and passion to learn. And third so I can help others and teach them what I didn’t know at the time. Now that I have the epereince and went to RSI the same company that I work for now call me personally and ask for my advice and opinion and I also was able to help them save thousands of dollars. I had no intentions on this but it went this way. Now all the other supervisors call and ask questions if they can’t figure out something. And it’s a honor to help them. Now I’m in the middle of trying to study for my NATE/ICE patches. I’m a supervisor my self and HVAC/R was the best industry I ever got involved in. I would recommend anyone to RSI the instructors are great and talented. And alway will help you.