Changing Directions

Back in 2011 I found myself stuck in a job that I was never going to make more money doing. I had topped out on my pay scale. I was told that “I lacked a skill set and there was nowhere for me to advance. After talking to two friends that had attended RSI and had gone through the Refrigeration Technologies program I decided to check it out. I attended their open house and was very impressed with what I saw. It was hands on learning not just sitting behind a book and listening to someone talk. We would be trouble shooting electrical systems and seeing how an AC system works from the inside out. I was in. Into the eighth month of the nine month program I was asked to give Benson Systems a call after graduation. Two weeks after graduating a found myself sitting in Benson Systems office getting ready to start my new job as an AC Service tech. I have since moved on from Benson but the education I received at RSI has opened up new opportunities . I don’t “lack a skill set” anymore and my value as an Trained AC Service Technician has expanded my financial future. Thanks RSI. You helped this man change his financial direction.