Glad I enrolled even with the problems

I enjoyed my time at RSI overall. I feel that I came out with a foundation that I could take into the trade and build upon that I wouldn’t be able to do had I not enrolled. Most of the instructors were good at teaching and cared about your success. Phase 7 and 8 were an absolute mess. I can be understanding in knowing that they were some staffing issues, one being an instructor’s illness but as a student who is paying a lot of money for the experience I shouldn’t have to deal with the quality of my education deminishing due to those problems. I had an instructor who would constantly fall asleep presenting power points, probably because he was working 15 hours a day every day. Then my class was merged with the class ahead of mine so the phases could be rearranged. The large class resulted in having two instructors one who was an absolute miserable person who does not listen and would rather complain about you not knowing than to take advantage of a teachable moment and you know, do his job. The other teacher “helped” the miserable teacher out by watching my class half the night. Our first hour would consist of sitting doing nothing watching him eat. Then he would tell us to read something and disappear for another hour. When the class would ask questions he wouldn’t be able to answer them. He didn’t know the answers. Or in an attempt to play up to his “big man on compass” persona he would give way off base wrong answers. I’m glad I went to the school I wish however I was not attending during the school’s transitional period. If this review is taken as a learning tool I hope that the lessons learned is to focus on the people who are working with the students every day, you know your paying customers in times of corporate change. Ericka Bacca in career services is an excellent employee who is always available to help in your employment needs. She’s a stand out employee.