The BEST Choice I’ve Made In My Life!!

I came to RSI knowing very little about HVAC or how it would change my life. I was stuck in the restaurant industry as a cook, barely paying my bills, hating my boss, and feeling like I would never accomplished anything. When I heard I could go to RSI for a few months and come out a certified technician ready for a real carrier I thought “wow, if only I could afford to pay for school I could get out of the deep hole i’ve been living in, and be worth something..”. So, I gave RSI a call just to get this fantasy out of my head and continue being a low life. Well that was the first step to the decision that changed everything for me! They told me there financial team very rarely has not been able to set up a plan for students to get the funds they need to enroll to any of there programs. So, we set up an appointment and they were right! I received a grant for almost half the bill (that I don’t have to pay back) and the rest I would make payments 6 months after I graduate. I didn’t think twice and I went for it.

The teacher’s are amazing! Each month you have a different phase (class/subject). The classes are strategically set in order to ease you in and, to have maximum results of success. Every teacher specializes in the subject they teach and will answer any questions you have (they actually like when you ask), they always say “there’s no such thing as a dumb question”, and I love that!

When you are approaching graduation the carrier services department are preparing to find you the job you desire. They are dedicated to making sure every student graduates with a job lined up for them. The success rates of carrier services are unbelievably amazing. They students that don’t get a job right away just haven’t really tried to get one if i’m being honest. There are just so many job opportunities that it’s almost impossible not to land a job right a way.

Please don’t wait, don’t make excuses of why to not make this life changing decision. This is your first step to make you worth more than you ever imagined.