With Honors?

The school was outstanding in many aspects. The courses were very well laid out and the intructors did a great overall. I do feel that some distiction needs to be give to students that pass with a 4.0 GPA that choose not to participate in the Honor Award program. The school also needs to reevaluate the tool kits to provide more tools a student can use as soon as he hits the feild. I have been in the residential market for over a year and there is an entire bag of tools I have never touched. Include a fan puller, service valve wrench bits(allen tool included in set is worthless), large copper line cutter is useless in the field due to size. One high quality cutter that does both sizes would be a good choice. I could go on and but those are just a couple of examples. I landed a job before I had even graduated so the school is a great choice if u want to do this line of work