News & Updates

  • 3/30/2020: How We Are Handling the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • 3/27/2020: RSI Implements New Leave of Absence Policy

    In a continuing effort to ensure the safety of all of our students, we have implemented a new Leave of Absence (LOA) policy, effective immediately. A leave of absence will be available for any individual who feels they have been affected by, have genuine concerns about contracting, or have tested positive for COVID-19. A student or parent may contact us directly to request an LOA, effective for 60 days, with no impact on their financial or school progress.

    We are committed to helping students and families get through this period safely. Our on-campus efforts still include additional disinfecting measures and adjusted schedules to limit social interaction, but we understand the continued concern at this time. Please contact our Student Services department and they will assist you. We will continue to operate with a modified schedule to foster those students who wish to complete their program on time.

    Student Services:

    602-275-7133, [email protected]

  • 3/23/20: RSI Is Taking Precautions to Keep Students Safe

    We understand the concern our students and parents are facing over COVID-19. We are closely watching State and National health agencies to ensure that we are taking every precaution with students faculty and staff on our campus.

    In addition to our regular cleaning routine, we are disinfecting all classrooms and common areas of the campus regularly. Additionally, we are disinfecting all high touch surfaces multiple times throughout the day.

    We have also taken steps to maximize social distancing at the campus, keeping everyone six feet or more apart per CDC guidelines, and incorporating remote learning into our programs all in a effort to allow students to complete the program while maintaining a healthy environment.

  • 03/19/20: RSI Is Delaying In-School Payments for 60 Days

    All of us at RSI want you to focus on health and peace of mind during the developing outbreak of CODID-19. We know the current situation is uncertain. You may have already had to make some tough financial decisions.

    To help during this time, RSI is immediately delaying all in-school student payments for 60 days if you have a due date of April or sooner. Not late fees will be incurred.

    Rest assured: We will continue to monitor the situation and help you complete your training.

    Please contact Student Services so we can help you with your options: 602-275-7133


    The Refrigeration School, Inc.

  • New RSI Class Schedule Coming Soon

    As you are aware, out of abundance of caution with the progression of Coronavirus/COVID-19, we are closing all campuses on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17. With the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff as our top priority, we will use this time to perform a deep cleaning and to further disinfect all classrooms, hard surfaces, lab spaces and communal areas as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(

    Upon return, students will begin a modified schedule with a combination of lab time and distance education that can be completed at home. This new schedule allows us to practice CDC-recommended social distancing measures and minimizes student time on site while also maintaining hands on experiential learning. Each student will receive a call from a staff member on Tuesday with information about their new schedule.

    We appreciate your attention to our updates, adherence to our safety measures and flexibility during this unique time. Please visit for the most up to date information. In the meantime, we will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation along with CDC and state public health agency recommendations.

    Additionally, we encourage you to follow the CDC’s preventive measures ( and recommend steps if you think you are sick ( to help slow the transmission of COVID-19 and protect our communities.

  • Classes cancelled: March 16 and 17

    As you are aware, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to respond to the spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus in the United States. We have been monitoring the situation closely and are following the CDC’s preventive measures to slow transmission of the virus in our community.

    At this time, RSI has no known cases of COVID-19 but the virus has been confirmed in many surrounding communities. With the health and safety of our students and faculty top of mind, we are cancelling all classes Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17. We will use this time to further disinfect all classrooms and common areas of the campus, which is in addition to our regular cleaning routine.

    Classes will resume on Wednesday, March 18. We will keep you informed of any additional changes as we watch for updates from White House, CDC and state public agencies.

    Please reach out to Student Services with any questions or concerns around this news. Their number and email is listed below. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this uncertain time.


    David Eaker
    Campus President

    Student Services: 602-275-7133, [email protected]

  • April Graduation Cancelled

    Thank you so much for being such a valued student at RSI. As you know, the safety of our students, faculty, staff and community is always paramount.

    As you are aware, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to respond to the spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus in the United States. We have been monitoring the situation closely and are following the CDC’s preventive measures to slow transmission of the virus in our communities. With the CDC suggesting event cancellations as a precautionary measure, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the April graduation ceremony for everyone’s safety and wellness.

    We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation. Once the CDC lifts precautionary measures, we will immediately notify you of a new date where we can join one another to celebrate your achievement along with all April graduates.

    Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented, challenging time.

    If you have any questions, please contact Student Services:

    Phone number: 602-275-7133

    Email: [email protected]

  • COVID-19 - March 13, 2020

    At RSI, the safety of all our students, faculty and staff is always a top priority. With ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are closely monitoring the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well state officials. As we monitor the situation, we want you to be aware of the action plan we have in place and urge all to follow prevention measures as outlined below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your campus president.

    Campus Preparedness
    RSI has set up an emergency preparedness plan in the event of any impact or disruption to campus operations. As part of this, we have implemented cleaning procedures with the use of stronger disinfectant products on high-touch surfaces, making hand sanitizers readily available, and educating campus teams on best practices recommended by the CDC. There are currently no plans to cancel classes and we will not do so unless directed by the Department of Public Health. If needed, we have established protocols to ensure quick and decisive action. At RSIwe plan to actively work with state and federal health authorities, including the Center for Disease Control, to identify impacted individuals and follow public health guidelines to best protect our students, faculty and staff at all campuses.

    The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. People are thought to be most contagious when they are most symptomatic (i.e. experiencing fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath). Although the United States has implemented public health measures to limit the spread of the virus, it is likely that some person-to-person transmission will continue to occur. Students, faculty and staff who experience symptoms of respiratory illness (fever, coughing or shortness of breath) should contact their healthcare provider immediately, do not come to campus and notify your campus president.

    Preventative Measures
    As appropriate, all students and employees should implement good hygiene and follow these simple steps:

    • Become familiar with and recognize symptoms of the illness
    • Seek care if you have recently traveled within an affected region and are experiencing symptoms
    • Always practice good hygiene: Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water; cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing; avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands; and avoid sharing food, cups or utensils
    • Encourage workers & students to stay home if they are sick
    • Encourage respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes
    • Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment, when possible

    Additional Resources
    While we will remain in close contact with campus leaders to ensure that there is a broad understanding of the complexities of this dynamic situation, we encourage you to visit the following websites for up-to-date information.

  • President's Update - March 4, 2020

    There is a lot of focus on COVID-19 (also referred to as the Coronavirus) recently. We are sending this out to keep you informed. There is no need to panic as confirmed cases in the US remain relatively low. Please use the suggestions in the attached to stay as safe as possible. Remember to use proper hand washing techniques at all times. We will have all hand sanitizers at the school operational and continuously replenished- please use them. We will also be disinfecting all high touch areas every two hours. Most importantly, if you are sick, stay home. If you feel you have COVID-19, call your healthcare provider and get tested.