Refrigeration Technologies Training Courses

Fundamentals of Electricity

This course teaches students the basics of electrical applications, such as control circuit wiring, single-phase and three-phase motors and high-voltage wiring. It also teaches all of the safety processes for handling electrical systems, like grounding and energized circuits.

The training materials in Fundamentals of Electricity include:

• Information on multiple types of test meters and their proper use
• Electrical devices and control devices
• Troubleshooting

Fundamentals of Refrigeration

This introductory course familiarizes students to the fundamentals of refrigeration. Topics include: laws of thermodynamics, pressure and temperature relationships, tools of the trade, refrigeration cycle, refrigerant management and safety.

Comfort Systems – Residential

This advanced course provides students insight into the installation and servicing of residential comfort systems. Topics include: installation procedures, service, split-systems, electrical components, geothermal ground source energy supplies, dual fuel, valves, and safety.

Comfort Systems – Commercial

This advanced course provides students insight into the installation and servicing of commercial comfort systems. Topics include: hydronic systems, chilled water systems, package units, cooling towers, accessories, and safety.

Refrigeration Systems and Practices

This introductory course introduces students to refrigeration components, equipment, and systems. Students learn skills that support the installation, testing, and servicing of a refrigeration system. Topics include: piping, tubing, brazing, soldering, welding, troubleshooting, component identification and safety.

Advanced Troubleshooting

This advanced course familiarizes students to the refrigeration systems and practices. Topics include: fundamental troubleshooting, troubleshooting electric heat, plotting the refrigeration cycle, troubleshooting split air conditioning systems, and troubleshooting heat pump systems.