Looking for a job after technical school can be difficult, even though you’re prepared to begin a vocation as an electrician or a refrigeration engineer. There are many people in Arizona looking for jobs, including air conditioning and heating careers. There are also many employers looking for the right staff to fill open positions. How do you sift through job listings and decode the sometimes nebulous language to find the job for you? How do you make the technical skills you acquired during trade school stand out from those with whom you compete for HVAC, air conditioning, and refrigeration jobs?

Decoding vocational job jargon

Many HVAC and refrigeration job listings use the same words and phrases over and over again, but what do they really mean?

Competitive Salary
This term is generally used to indicate that a position’s starting salary is comparable to that offered by other companies with the same positions or openings. Do some research first to learn what an average salary range should be for an entry-level refrigeration or HVAC job, then factor in your experience to estimate what a competitive salary should be.

Established Company
This term conveys that the company is stable; and is not a start-up or fly-by-night operation. Most people aren’t looking to take risks when it comes to securing a new job — and a company using this terminology wants applicants to know that an refrigeration or HVAC career with them is secure.

Dynamic Individual
This is very popular phrase in job listing jargon, typically used to encourage applicants to stand out from the crowd.

Urgent, Immediate Need
This can be used to indicate that a job opening needs to be filled quickly. Don’t let this fool you into thinking too much time has passed, or that it’s not worth your time to send your resume.

Don’t be afraid to re-write your HVAC, refrigeration, or air conditioning resume

Speaking Spanish is a useful tool for electricians and Phoenix, AZ has a large Hispanic population. Communicating with non-English speaking co-workers is becoming more common in the construction Finding an HVAC Job | Refrigeration Schoolindustry, and some RSI students who intend to work in Arizona might wish to become more familiar with Spanish.

Casinos are large buildings that offer many opportunities for electricians; however, electrical systems in office buildings, factories, and homes are still in high demand, as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that there will be in increase in power plant construction over the next ten years, necessitating more professionals with electrical training in the United States.

As technology continues to change and advance, well-trained electricians will be in high demand. Companies would not be able to function today without computers and communications tools – and these machines’ complex wiring and equipment are maintained by skilled electricians. From casinos to computer software firms, electricians are needed across America.

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