AC Unit Operation Checklist

ac checklist

We rely on our appliances to refrigerate our food, wash our clothes, and to keep us cool. Unfortunately, they don’t always work as they should. Sometimes, our air conditioners stop providing enough cool air, make strange noises when running or even refuse to start altogether. You may need to call a professional, but here are […]

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Tips on How to Pass the GED Test

how to pass the ged

Life can be hard if you don’t have a high school diploma. One of those difficulties is not being able to find a good paying job or not being able to further your education to get one. Fortunately, you can earn the equivalent of a diploma by taking and passing a set of tests called […]

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What Does a Facilities Maintenance Technician Do?

what maintenance technicians do

People who work in an office building, factory, or any commercial space, are dependent on consistently running electricity, plumbing, and climate control. Every business facility, large or small, needs technicians to maintain and fix the systems that are essential to functionality of the building. 1 But what are the job requirements and career opportunities for […]

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4 HVAC Career Paths

hvac career paths

Completing an HVAC program is often the first step toward working in the field as a heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanic and installer (49-9021). 1 Once active in the HVAC industry, there are multiple career paths to choose from. Each individual’s work preferences, experience, and credentials can have an impact on which direction to […]

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What Is a Solar Panel Technician?

solar installation career

Sunlight has been touted as the key for energy efficiency. As concerns over global warming increase, the technicians responsible for installing the technology that harnesses the energy of the sun to provide people with clean electricity—solar panels—may be needed. 1 Solar Panel Technician Job Description Your work as a solar panel technician entails assembling, installing, […]

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An Overview of HVAC Technicians and Electricians

hvac and electrician overview

Both HVAC and electrical work are promising job options to consider. Here is an overview of some important aspects of both jobs so you if either field is for you. HVAC Technician Job Duties & Work Environment The job duties of HVAC workers include connecting HVAC systems to fuel and water supply lines and air ducts, installing […]

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New DOE Standards for Rooftop AC Units

new rooftop ac standards

Growing concern for the environment has changed standards for energy efficiency in both commercial and industrial buildings. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has taken major steps  to ensure that buildings across the country use efficient heating and cooling systems by introducing a new set of standards meant to reduce waste, pollution, and expenditures for utilities. The department’s […]

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Tips for Working with Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

eco friendly refrigerants

Since worries about the depletion of the ozone layer began in the 1980s, refrigerants with high ozone depletion potential (ODP) – chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) – have been gradually phased out. These refrigerants were largely replaced with hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). However, as global warming became an increasing concern, HFCs were also found to have a negative environmental impact […]

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New NATE Certificate: HVAC Support Technician

nate certification for hvac

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recently added some new tests to its already robust certification program. 1 One of them is an HVAC Support Technician certificate and is available to HVAC technicians who have been working in the field for 6 to 12 months. While NATE already offers a number of well known certification options with […]

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Skilled Trades for Millennials

skilled trades for millenials

Millennials have some important decisions to make like what they want to do for a living. What type of training do they need? Are there jobs available for what you want to do? Where Are the Jobs? As experienced technicians who are close to retirement, fewer young people are filling the vacant positions they leave […]

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