OSHA Updates Confined Spaces Rule

osha updates for hvac technicians

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates and enforces standards to ensure workers are safe on the job, and its rules affect everyone from retail workers to construction crews to HVAC professionals. 1 Recently, OSHA updated a rule designed to protect HVAC technicians who work in confined spaces. OSHA’s Role in the HVAC Industry […]

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History of RSI

history of rsi

Founded in 1965, the Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI) has shifted from a small family business to a prominent HVAC and refrigeration school. Although it has expanded significantly from its beginnings as a family business, RSI has always focused on preparing students for work in the trades. Founding of RSI in the 1960s RSI was founded in 1965 by Ed Loney Sr., […]

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Grad Connection – Meet Justin Davis

Justin, 35, from Sierra Vista, Arizona, had worked a bunch of sales jobs before enrolling in the Electro-Mechanical Technologies (EMT) program. He graduated in September 2016. We spoke with him the week after his graduation. Thanks for your time, Justin. What made you decide on an HVAC career? I wanted a career path. I’d been […]

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Grad Connection – Meet Rudy Ortega

Rudy, aged 29, had a double celebration in September 2016; he graduated from the Refrigeration Technologies program the day before his 29th birthday. Rudy worked as a maintenance tech, including air conditioning maintenance, for five years before coming to RSI. We spoke with him just a week after graduation. Thanks for sharing your story Rudy. […]

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HVAC Technology Trends

hvac technology Mastering new technologies is important for HVAC workers as heating and cooling equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and energy efficient. However, high efficiency units aren’t the only changes shaping the field. As consumers are looking for to save money and energy, HVAC workers need to be responsive. Smart technology, mobile service (predicted 40-percent this year), […] Read More

What is a Dedicated Outdoor Air System?

air conditioning unit

New energy efficiency standards for the commercial HVAC industry are driving innovation. As a result, new equipment helps businesses better maintain indoor temperatures and improve air quality, while reducing their carbon footprint. 1 In a push for more energy efficiency manufacturers are offering commercial customers configured rooftop systems known as dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). […]

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AC Unit Operation Checklist

ac checklist

We rely on our appliances to refrigerate our food, wash our clothes, and to keep us cool. Unfortunately, they don’t always work as they should. Sometimes, our air conditioners stop providing enough cool air, make strange noises when running or even refuse to start altogether. You may need to call a professional, but here are […]

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Tips on How to Pass the GED Test

how to pass the ged

Life can be hard if you don’t have a high school diploma. One of those difficulties is not being able to find a good paying job or not being able to further your education to get one. Fortunately, you can earn the equivalent of a diploma by taking and passing a set of tests called […]

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What Does a Facilities Maintenance Technician Do?

what maintenance technicians do

People who work in an office building, factory, or any commercial space, are dependent on consistently running electricity, plumbing, and climate control. Every business facility, large or small, needs technicians to maintain and fix the systems that are essential to functionality of the building. 1 But what are the job requirements and career opportunities for […]

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4 HVAC Career Paths

hvac career paths

Completing an HVAC program is often the first step toward working in the field as a heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanic and installer (49-9021). 1 Once active in the HVAC industry, there are multiple career paths to choose from. Each individual’s work preferences, experience, and credentials can have an impact on which direction to […]

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