Time Management Tips for Working Parents in Trade School

dad and son in workshop Working, going to school, and raising a family can be a lot. Managing your time can help. 1 Going to get your HVAC education can impact other parts of your life. Time management skills can help you play all the different roles in your life with greater ease and success. What Are Time Management Techniques? […] Read More

Is HVAC/R a Good Career? See Where an HVAC/R Job Could Take You

is hvac a good career The HVAC/R industry is growing, creating a huge skilled labor gap that technical schools are reportedly not filling fast enough. Employers are already struggling to find trained technicians. In the next five years, the industry will need over 100,000 new HVAC/R techs and installers. 1 Will you be one of them? Additional Sources: 1 – […] Read More

EPA Adds 2 New Rules to Phase out HFCs

new hvac epa rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken steps to curb the emission of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). In September of 2016, the EPA finalized two rules to further phase out these greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. EPA SNAP Program The SNAP Program is part of the Clean Air Act (CAA). Specifically, the program aims […]

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Windows and Home Energy Efficiency

window panes

When most people think of making their homes more energy efficient, they think of more energy efficient appliances. Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on new appliances. Windows may be as good of an option. Before making any decision about windows and window treatments, the Department of Energy […]

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What is Green Ductwork?

green ductwork installation

Green technology is becoming more important in the HVAC industry. As we are moving toward more environmentally-friendly energy-efficient refrigerants and HVAC/R appliances, green HVAC practices are becoming a trend. A newly emerging term in the field is green ductwork. Let’s take a closer look. What Is Green Ductwork? While there is no fixed definition of […]

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What is Student Services? Meet Tara Bourlotos

Some people wouldn’t necessarily equate Student Services with “problem solving,” but they aren’t Tara Bourlotos, Director of Student Services at RSI. In addition to being the department that works with students to ensure they complete their programs and graduate, Student Services helps with connecting students to needed resources like transportation and to inform students about […]

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HVAC Service Demands by Region – Winter 2017

hvac engineer Temperatures in some regions of the country will be much colder this winter compared to last year, predicts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While it would be ideal for customers to allow technicians to perform HVAC maintenance to keep heating equipment functioning efficiently and properly, most don’t know, so techs may be very […] Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Vocational Scholarships for Adults

scholarships for trade schools Trade school isn’t just for teenagers fresh out of high school. In fact, over 66 percent of students pursuing technical training haven’t seen a high school locker for at least 15 years! There are plenty of reasons people of all ages are going to vocational school: it’s faster than college, cheaper, and can lead to […] Read More

Furnace Maintenance 101

furnace maintenance

HVAC professionals visit residential and commercial properties to perform maintenance on heating and cooling equipment. Since most property owners in the U.S. use furnaces, working on them often occurs in the fall and winter. 1 What Is a Furnace? Before you start working on furnaces regularly, it might help to know how they work. A […]

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Creating a Student Budget

student budget

Unless you are a person with unlimited financial means, you need to live on a budget. This is especially true while you are a student. Budgeting keeps your finances under control, shows you where to make adjustments, lets you track your expenses, and helps you allocate your money properly. Why Create a Budget? Creating a […]

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