Allergy Season: How HVAC Maintenance Can Help

allergy season Many people suffer from itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose in the spring and fall. 1 That’s why these times of year are called “allergy season.” Plants release pollens in the spring and fall. People who are allergic to pollens may experience more symptoms during these times of year. You might think you […] Read More

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

boiler maintenance repair

What Does a Boiler Operator Do? As a boiler operator, you’d be in charge of operating, inspecting, and maintaining boilers. 1 Definition: A boiler is a large metal tank that heats water or turns water into steam. That hot water or steam is sent to radiators to heat a building. 2 3 Boiler Operator Jobs: […]

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Will the Tesla-SolarCity Merger Be Good for the Solar Industry?

tesla solar

In late 2016, Tesla, Inc., announced plans to buy SolarCity with the hopes that it could be a promising development for the solar industry. Tesla wants to create a sustainable energy company that powers both homes and cars. 1 Tesla is an American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer, and SolarCity is an […]

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What is Career Services – Meet Jackie Brunet

Jackie Brunet has been the Director of Career Services at The Refrigerator School for about a month now.  Prior to that, she was the Assistant Director of Career Services for three and a half years. Jackie started in the Admissions department as an administrative assistant when she applied for an opening as a career services […]

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Ice Hockey Rink Refrigeration

hockey rink ice

It’s the Stanley Cup finals, some National Hockey League players have complained about the conditions of the ice rinks. Problems may arise from humidity, leakage, or wrong ice temperatures. 1 The refrigeration technology underlying ice rinks is in fact the same as in refrigerators and air conditioners. How Do Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems Work? The […]

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Four Skilled Trades Careers Veterans Should Consider

veteran saluting flag

Skilled trades such as HVAC offer great opportunities for veterans to transition from a military to a civilian career. Many skilled trades careers require skills and knowledge that are also needed in the military, such as critical thinking or multi-limb coordination. As skilled workers are beginning to retire and this trend is predicted to continue, […]

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Faculty Connection – Meet Michael Poeske

Michael, 40, born and raised in Seattle, is an Instructor at The Refrigeration School (RSI) in Phoenix. He teaches Phase 5, the Fundamentals of Refrigeration. Michael has been in the HVAC field for 19 years and joined RSI in December 2016. Thanks for your time, Michael; what did you want to be when you were […]

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What Are Military Friendly® Schools?

military friendly schools

Balancing the responsibilities of adulthood with the obligations of being a student can be difficult for anyone, especially military service members who are returning to civilian life. To help current and former service members choose the schools that could best suit their needs, website and magazine G.I. Jobs, conducts an annual survey to identify which […]

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Generation Next Scholarship Campaign Creates Opportunity for Skilled Trades

Campaign Creates Opportunity for Skilled Trades

Many companies who rely on skilled trades workers have decried the lack of qualified people.[i] Organizations and companies are addressing the problem by funding vocational training. The Generation Next Scholarship Campaign is one program designed to create opportunities to enter the skilled trades with the help of trade school scholarships. What Is the Generation Next […]

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New Energy Star Program for HVAC Installation

energy star hvac installation

Did you know that almost 50 percent of all HVAC systems are installed incorrectly? 1 This can prevent even high-efficiency equipment from operating correctly. It could lead to reduced energy savings and more discomfort for customers. To tackle this problem, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) created a new program for HVAC professionals called Energy Star […]

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