Renewable energy is expected to be a major part of the future, so people looking for new careers may want to consider becoming solar panel installers, also known as solar photovoltaic installers. Before signing up for solar classes, it is important to understand what the job entails.

What Solar Panel Installers Do

Although the job title sounds simple, the work involves much more than simple installations. Installers must also help with initial configuration. One of the tasks they must complete is mapping out systems. Installers must determine where to put each component. In addition to this, they must maintain the various parts. Inspections are common on the job, and installers must know how to detect hazards. By knowing the hazards, technicians are able to work around them to safely install PV systems. Since panels and many other components of these systems are outdoors, installation technicians must know how to properly seal the parts to protect the system from weather damage. Technicians must stay informed about safety codes and remain in compliance. They must also measure grounding systems, make adjustments and perform tests. Overall, the job is rewarding for people who are interested in the field. In addition to this, many workers feel good about contributing to positive changes for the environment.

What To Expect

Becoming a solar panel installer takes work, but the courses can be affordable and worth the invested time. The online Solar Power and Technology program at The Refrigeration School is offered online, so students can train from the comfort of home. Online classes offer more flexibility for students who are busy with work and family, but who are interested in starting a new career in the solar industry. The Refrigeration School’s online Solar Power and Technology Course is recognized by North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The 120-hour program provides training in electrical and solar fundamentals, photovoltaic systems, safety, theory, design and function. Online students will have access to instructors through a unique multimedia classroom setting. BRE-03-240

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