Refrigeration Technologies Training Program

Train for a new career in HVAC & Refrigeration in just 6 months!

This short 6 month refrigeration and HVAC certification training is designed to train and prepare students for entry as service and maintenance technicians in jobs that utilize technologies employed in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR). Courses focus on the fundamentals of comfort systems and refrigeration. Climate control and refrigeration is almost everywhere, and trained installation, service and maintenance technicians can get their start in the Refrigeration Technologies program at RSI.

Take the next step toward an exciting HVAC/R career.
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Refrigeration & HVAC Training at RSI:

  • Has day and evening classes available
  • Offers program completion in just 6 months
  • Incorporates real world training with hands-on curriculum

HVAC & Refrigeration Career Options:

  • HVAC/R Service Technician
  • HVAC/R Installation Technician
  • Refrigeration Service Technician
  • Refrigeration Installation Technician
  • Low-Temperature Field Technician
  • Restaurant & Retail Refrigeration Technician
  • Commercial Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration & HVAC Classes:

  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Fundamentals of Refrigeration
  • Comfort Systems – Residential
  • Comfort Systems – Commercial
  • Refrigeration Systems and Practices
  • Advanced Trouble Shooting

Refrigeration Technologies Detailed Course Descriptions:

Fundamentals of Refrigeration

This introductory course familiarizes students to the fundamentals of refrigeration. Topics include: laws of thermodynamics, pressure and temperature relationships, tools of the trade, refrigeration cycle, refrigerant management and safety.

Refrigeration Systems and Practices

This introductory course introduces students to refrigeration components, equipment, and systems. Students learn skills that support the installation, testing, and servicing of a refrigeration system. Topics include: piping, tubing, brazing, soldering, welding, troubleshooting, component identification and safety.

Fundamentals of Electricity

This introductory course provides students an introduction to electrical concepts and theories used in the air conditioning industry. Topics include: A/C theory, electrical distribution systems, motors, voltage circuits, wiring diagrams, low voltage controls, and safety.

Comfort Systems – Residential

This advanced course provides students insight into the installation and servicing of residential comfort systems. Topics include: psychometrics, installation procedures, service, split-systems, electrical components, geothermal ground source energy supplies, dual fuel, valves, and safety.

Comfort Systems – Commercial

This advanced course provides students insight into the installation and servicing of commercial comfort systems. Topics include: hydronic systems, chilled water systems, package units, cooling towers, accessories, and safety. Students demonstrate their proficiencies via classroom participation, lab exercises and periodic quizzes and examinations.

Advanced Troubleshooting

This advanced course familiarizes students to the refrigeration systems and practices. Topics include: fundamental troubleshooting, troubleshooting electric heat, troubleshooting gas furnaces, troubleshooting oil heating systems, plotting the refrigeration cycle, troubleshooting split air conditioning systems, and troubleshooting heat pump systems .


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  4. Start school!

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed this program, and other important program information, please see our Gainful Employment Disclosure.


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